Smiltynė Kurhauzas

Extraordinary history to inspire you for a new beginning A place where seashore legends meet your dreams.

Smiltynė Kurhauzas

Extraordinary history to inspire you for a new beginning A place where seashore legends meet your dreams.


Let us continue creating the history of Kurhaus together

This story is more than 100 years old. In 1900, inspired by new ideas, merchants from Klaipėda constructed the biggest and most state-of-the-art building in Smiltynė: Smiltynė Kurhaus and a guest house. Jugend-style Smiltynė Kurhaus became a magnificent symbol of a summer place and an attraction centre for holidaymakers cherishing culture and progress. Dunes of the Curonian Spit, lagoon breeze and the vivid landscape of the port mesmerize everybody, irrespective of the duration of their stay.

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- Place

Smiltynė Kurhaus is one of the closest seaside resorts on the way from Vilnius or Kaunas. A holiday moment on the ferry from Klaipėda and you start enjoying your new home near the magnificent golden dune beach at Smiltynė. Here, at Kurhaus new opportunities open up for those who choose to live here or come for a shorter stay! You will always have things to do here! Perhaps you fancy visiting small towns at the Curonian Spit or the glamorous Nida? Maybe you want to watch sunset at the seashore together? Riding a bike or travelling by car? What if you are a healthy lifestyle fan or enjoy long walks? That is all possible!

- Historical value of Kurhaus

From the early days Smiltynė Kurhaus was famous for being a luxury hotel of suites. Travellers with exceptional taste used to come here, savouring festive meals prepared by famous chefs and drinking luxurious wine. The evening style would be combined with the orchestra programmes. Educated visitors who loved novelties were keen on active lifestyle: they would play outdoor tennis and swim in the Baltic Sea. Kurhaus was a beacon of modernity: it had hot spa baths, rooms had electricity and the hotel had a fixed telephone line. Smiltynė Kurhaus has been put on the Heritage List: its historical value grows bigger every day.

- Amenities for residents of Smiltynė Kurhaus

Smiltynė Kurhaus offers exceptional amenities: Smiltynė park, bicycle tracks, an esplanade, tennis courts ,a yacht club, restaurants and cafes, Smiltynė beach and Klaipėda old town. You can enjoy recreational activities: sailing, kiting, yachting, playing outdoor tennis, trying beach tennis, swimming, running or cycling. If you prefer a peaceful rest, you may read books, walk in the forest, sunbathe or count stars in the sky. Run away from the city noise, take a rest in private space and enjoy the pleasures offered only to you at Kurhaus.

- Excellent investment

What do you remember from your childhood? A joyful anticipation of summer holidays, the urge to swim in the sea?... Pine trees, sun, sand castles, friends, kites and sunsets at the sea? That is not a dream but a reality of Kurhaus suite owners. Kurhaus suites is an exceptional investment both for you and your entire family! Here you can create your own traditions, spend unforgettable summers with your family and friends! Imagine how much fun it is to live and grow in a house next to the Baltic Sea, Curonian lagoon, sand beaches and fresh scents. These are everyday moments turning into your story. It is an investment that can connect generations.

- Authenticity

Smiltynė Kurhaus and the guest house has an authentic style. You can feel it by looking at the buildings of Kurhaus and the guest house and by looking at the nature surrounding them. An authentic and rare opportunity to enjoy the pleasures for exquisite taste. After you arrive at Kurhaus, everything is within arm’s reach. Take a rest the way you like it and enjoy private tennis courts. Take advantage of authentic elements of rest cherished by your predecessors of the golden era at Kurhaus. A sense of authentic style for exquisite taste. Smiltynė Kurhaus is surrounded and framed by a centenarian pine forest, wavy Baltic Sea and Curonian Lagoon and it is facing the picturesque landscape of Klaipėda town.

- Community

Smiltynė Kurhaus is an authentic and historical place that attracts holidaymakers cherishing the same values. It is an exceptionally rare opportunity to acquire housing in an authentic place: we offer 30 suites in total. A private community is forming in Smiltynė Kurhaus, forging unforgettable connections and memories year after year. Smiltynė Kurhaus is a brilliant place to build ties and create exceptional friendships. Imagine yourself there and watch the image of Kurhaus from Klaipėda seashore, with reflections of yachts and sailors glistening on the lagoon water...

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As the road continues, the forest becomes denser, the aroma of pines grows stronger, you easily reach a sandy sea dune from the top of which a unique view of the Baltic Sea opens... and that strong feeling of freedom... The panorama of the dunes and the sea shining in the sun... This is your oasis of peace.

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Sutvarkytas Smiltynės kurhauzas į atmintį grąžina ir savo istoriją
Šią vasarą poilsiautojus pamaryje jau pasitiks sutvarkytas Smiltynės kurhauzas. Kultūros paveldo departamento Klaipėdos teritorinis skyrius, išdavęs leidimą tvarkybos darbams, prižiūrėjo, kad būtų išsaugota istorinio pastato autentika, vertingosios savybės. Ne vieną dešimtmetį stovėjęs apleistas pastatas pagaliau atgimė. Sutvarkytame kultūros paveldo objekte, kuris iliustruoja kurortinę Smiltynės istoriją, įkurtas apartamentų viešbutis. Kaip pasakojo tvarkybos darbų projekto vadovas Juozapas Tilvikas, buvo tvarkomas fasadas su fachverko elementais, išraiškinga medinė veranda, būdinga kurortinei architektūrai, pamatai, lauko ir vidaus laiptai, jų elementai. Išsaugotas pastato tūris, fasadų architektūra, pirminė apdaila. Tvarkant teritoriją buvo rasta gana daug vardinių kurhauzo indų šukių su kurhauzo atvaizdais ir užrašais.
Smiltynės kurhauzo aukso amžius
Beveik keturis dešimtmečius Klaipėdos kultūrinio gyvenimo flagmanu buvo ne pačiame mieste, o kitame Kuršių marių krante stūksantis įspūdingasis Smiltynės kurhauzas. Jį architektai vadina vienu gražiausių tokios paskirties objektų pietrytinėje Baltijos jūros pakrantėje.
Viena iš Klaipėdos vizitinių kortelių. Istorinis perlas, menantis turtingą ir spalvingą Lietuvos istorijos etapą. Patyręs daug išbandymų, bėgant metams praradęs ne vieną svarbią detalę, tačiau kantriai sulaukęs mylinčių šeimininko rankų. Smiltynės kurhauzo atgimimą palankiai vertina ir miesto vadovai, ir paveldo ekspertai, ir istorijos mėgėjai.


Smiltynė is a perfect resort: close to the big city and the Baltic Sea with wide, clean and light sand dunes that can be reached in as few as 10 minutes going through the pine-tree forest. Here you can enjoy your privacy, nature and have some genuine rest.


- Places to visit

Maritime Museum

(4 min by car)

Juodkrantė lighthouse

(19 min by car)


(20 min by car)


(36 min by car)


(40 min by car)


(46 min by car)

- Restaurants

Restaurant Nida

(2 min by car, 7 min on foot)

Restaurant Fisheria

(46 min by car)

Restaurant Meridian

(43 min by car, 33 min on foot)

Restaurant Monai

(42 min by car, 33 min on foot)

Restaurant Nerija

(46 min by car)

- Nature

The beach

(4 min by car, 10 min on foot)

Dead dunes

(31 min by car)

- Communication

The new transfer, Smiltynė

(7 min by car, 30 min on foot)

The old transfer, Smiltynė

(1 min by car, 2 min on foot)

Palanga Airport

(1 hour 10 minutes by car)

Smiltynė yacht port

(3 min by car, 15 min on foot)

- Outdoor activities

Bicycle path Smiltynė - Nida

(4 min by car, 12 min on foot)

Sports and wellness base

(3 min by car, 14 min on foot)


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